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FAm Wear Project

The project is handled by the Buddhika Chandradeepa Kurera

We are heading to prepare a Tshirt for APAC ambassadors mainly focusing on APAC ambassadors.

The fixed design can be found follow;


File:FedoraLogo infinity.svg FedoraLogo inverse ambassador.svg
Logo on the front This is on the hand (remove background before production)
SVG is correct (don't worry about your browser rendering of word "Ambassador")
Ask Pierros for updated file if needed


Polo Tshirts - with collar



  • Pantone ® 2935 (Related with Fedora Light Blue) with contrasted logo


Lacoste 230GSM


FUNDING has approved by the FAmSCo, I ll let you all know how it going to be happen as soon I got the money.

Production : $8.00 Air Mail : ~$6.00

Total : ~ 14.00


  • A white button up polo (similar to above) with the words "We (LOGO) our desktop" and "" on the back! Asmartgoat 09:38, 21 November 2010 (UTC)

Reserve yours soon

This list is rough, and unfinished, it is expected to grow;

1 Buddhika Kurera L Sri Lanka 2
2 Caius 'kaio' Chance L Australia 2
3 Truong Anh Tuan L Vietnam 2
4 Luke Martinez L Australia 2 /me wonders whether we can get funding for all the red hat people at the fedora stall?
5 Mohammed safwat M Egypt 2
6 Prabin Kumar Datta L India 2
7 Heherson Pagcaliwagan XL Philippines 2 not sure about the sizing / quantities
8 Engels Antonio L Philippines 2 not sure about the sizing / quantities
9 Magie Antonio L Philippines 2 not sure about the sizing / quantities
10 Ahmed Araby M Egypt 1
11 Shathish Kumar M Malaysia 2 not sure about the sizing
12 John Chendra XL Indonesia 1 not sure about the sizing
13 Stephen Gordon M Australia 0 [not an FAm by bckurera] <- No FAm = No Shirt
14 Jose Rodríguez M Costa Rica 2
15 Chen Cheng M China 2 not sure about the sizing
16 Tian Shixiong L China 1 not sure about the sizing
17 Ramon Almeida M Brazil 2 sure about the sizing and quantities! XD
18 Arthur Buliva XL Kenya 1 Male
19 Arthur Buliva S Kenya 1 Female
20 Vinzenz Vietzke XL Germany 2 Male
21 Mohd Fazli Azran L Malaysia 2 Male
22 Pierros Papadeas XL Greece love to have an APAC-produced one !
23 Cheng-Chia Tseng L Taiwan 2 Male
24 misaakidis M Spain 1
25 Moniruzzaman S Bangladesh 2 Male
26 Ashiqur Rahman M Bangladesh 2 Male
27 Sureshkumar Packiyarajah L Sri Lanka 2 Male