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Ben Cotton

I am currently the leader of the Documentation Project in Fedora. I joined the Docs project in order to learn more about Fedora and to give back to the community.

As my day job, I work in the Rosen Center for Advanced Computing at Purdue University. My projects include documentation, training, and release management for [1] and an effort to bring high-performance computing into the classroom.



IRC: bcotton on the freenode IRC network

Other Information

  • GPG key: 0xAB46AA74
  • Location: Lafayette, Indiana, USA

Activities within Fedora

Documentation Project

I was volunteered to be the Docs project leader in November 2011. Mostly my contributions involve administrivia, easy bug fixes, and occasional chapters about printing.

I have a page of DocBook notes because I haven't found one elsewhere on the wiki. I also have a page of User:Bcotton/Useful_links because I can never seem to find what I'm looking for via the wiki search.