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Personal Information
Birthday: Jan 20th 1951
Home: Milan (Italy)
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: belcocco
Miscellaneous Information
Private Mail:
GPG-Key: [1]
IRC: idraulico on Freenode in
#fedora-it #viglug
Badges (24)
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Real name: Sergio Agnes

   I'm an Italian Geek.
   I live in Milan (italy). 
   I'm a Fedora Lover.
   I really like all that things that GNU/linux Like.
   I really like all the Open Source project.
   I love the "fedoraproject mission". ;-)
   I participate in the project fedora group 'marketing'
   I do not have specific experience in the field of marketing, but I would like to contribute in some way.
   I'm a user of fedora from many years. contact

   Email-1: belcocco [AT] fedoraproject [DOT] org 
   GPG ID:1E7D56C6 RSA-4096 (
   FAS user:belcocco 


   Email-2: idraulico [DOT] py [AT] gmail [DOT] com 
   GPG ID:35DE3E6E RSA-4096 (
   IRC: idraulico (freenode) #fedora-it

Bye bye.