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Bert Desmet

Bert Desmet

Hello, my name is Bert Desmet. I am now 21years old, and I'm still going to school. I live in Belgium, Kruishoutem, near Ghent. I follow lessons at the Kaho Sint-Lievens high school. Currently I'm doing second bachelor Electronics-IT. My hobbies are: listening to music (rock and electro), going to some parties, having fun with my friends. And I like programming (Java, C#, C++, C and a bit python) and scripting (PHP). I am always in for new technologies (maybe that is why I like fedora that much?).

About 8 years ago I started with Linux, when my older cousin installed Debian on an old pc. I was 13 or 14 years old, and had never heard of Linux before, but I liked it like euh, immediately. It was running with Gnome, and I still like Gnome more than KDE, but that's something personal. when Fedora core 2 was released, I switched to Fedora, and stayed with Fedora. But I have also tested other distro's like Ubuntu, Mandriva, Slackware, ..., ...


  • Email: bert AT devnox DOT be
  • Language: Dutch, English and a little bit French
  • Location: Kruishoutem, Belgium
  • Website: blog
  • IRC: biertie @ freenode: fedora, fedora-ambassadors, fedora-docs, fedora-devel, fedora-meeting, fedora-social, fedora-unity
  • GPG key: 0x228a0ba4427147bd
  • Fedora Account: biertie

Activities within Fedora

Activities outside Fedora, but related too Linux, FOSS

FUDCon Toronto 2009

  • I would do 4 tech talks:
    • how to start with fedora
    • How to Add and Remove Software in Fedora
    • Getting Started in the Fedora Community together with Yaakov Nemoy
    • git for developers
  • Documenting: Live transcribing sessions I'm present in (irc); also willing to sort/clean-up wiki notes afterwards.
  • if needed, try to help set up live streams