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== Roman Spirgi ==
I'm Swiss citizen and my year of ''manufacture'' was in 1974 ... Still some bugs left ;)
I started with Linux a few years ago after realizing that I was using more and more open source software on my proprietary operating system. Firefox, Thunderbird, Gimp, SeaMonkey, VLC, OpenOffice, Audacity among others conquered my desktop PC. So I threw my proprietary operating system overboard and did never had any nostalgia since then.
Currently I'm working as a Customer Support engineer for an international RFID company. At the beginning of my career I was teacher but lost my patience with teenagers, so I moved on :)
As I stumbled upon the slogan "Fedora. Funktionen. Freunde. Erster." and many untranslated words I thought that the German translation team could need some help ...
== Contact ==
* '''Email''': bigant AFFENSCHWANZ fedoraproject PUNKT org
* '''IRC''': bigant
* '''GPG key''': 29B8C6DD
* '''Fedora Account''': bigant
== Activities within Fedora ==
* Member and coordinator of the [[L10N_German_Team|German L10N Team]] (together with [[User:Vinz|Vinzenz]])
* translating, translating, translating ;-)

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