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Thanks for visiting, I'm Bob...

I'm going to try to put up a Bio type page here...

I dislike wiki's but I will do the best I can.

I am from Minnesota, I grew up 18 miles north of the city of Minneapolis. I am a single father(full time) of a Son who is 7 years old, I also have 5 daughters. My journey in to the computer industry is an interesting one, to me anyhow. It was not my first, second or even fourth career. Before 1999 I worked as a piano tuner, retail manager, car painter, carpenter. On July 4th, 1999 I bought my first computer, for the 6 months before that I had a "WebTV" box to get on the internet. While using WebTV I had learned perl from a gentleman in Taiwan via email. He had a server that he would put my code on for me to test. When I got that computer home I set it up... I was in for a shock I could not run my perl scripts... I talked to Anthony and found out I needed Linux, On that Saturday July 7th I picked up a box set of Mandrake Linux 6.5. From that point on I was hooked. I read every website howto I could find, every book I could get my hands on. In the winter of that year work was slow remodelling houses so I started looking for something else. In November I found two ads from a company looking for a programmer and IIRC a web designer. I called the number and set up an interview for the next morning. Walked out of that interview with both Jobs and keys to the office. One of my first tasks was to set up a Linux web server. The boss's girlfriend picked up a SUSE box set from one of the big box stores, after fighting with it for a week we gave up and got a Red Hat Linux 5.2 set and had the server up and running in a day. I have been running Red Hat Linux, Fedora and CentOS ever since.

Since the beginning I have been involved in many parts of the Fedora Project and the Fedora Community. The one most know is being one of the founders of the Fedora Unity Project, this project has given to the community things like, Re-Spins of Fedora releases, the first LiveCDs. As part of Fedora Unity I was named as a Fedora Award winner in 2007. In the past have been involved in the Fedora Documentation Project including sitting on it's Steering Committee and being Editor In Chief of the Release Notes, The Fedora Ambassadors including sitting on FAMSCo, early on I was involved in Fedora Marketing and Websites. I started the Fedora Amateur Radio SIG packaging Ham apps for Fedora. I am actively involved in the "IRC Support SIG" trying to improve the user experience and change how we have done things wrong in the past and in some cases still are. I also have two projects on Fedora Hosted that we are currently working on, Reflector and Multiboot Media Creator.