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Robert 'Bob' Jensen (EvilBob)

  • Goal statement: Work with the current FPL and the others on the Fedora Board to make sure we continue or return respect the Four Foundations.
    To make sure that the community knows they are being heard via active two way communication. To read/hear what the community is saying and nodding your head is not enough. If the board is doing something or talking about something I want the community to know and I will want feedback from the community. The community elected Board members are your appointed voices and need to be accountable to you. Fedora is built on what I call "The Community Concept" in the recent past it seems that this concept is still failing, lets get it back on the right track.
    An issue that the Board and Fedora are facing now and in the near future is the issue of Release Naming. I personally have been suggesting for years that naming be dropped. I have never hidden this fact, BM and SC are examples of how community naming can go wrong without set specific guidelines.
  • Past work summary: In the past 8 years I have been involved in many parts of the Fedora Project and the Fedora Community. The one most know is being one of the founders of the Fedora Unity Project, this project has given to the community things like, Re-Spins of Fedora releases, the first LiveCDs. As part of Fedora Unity I was named as a Fedora Award winner in 2007. In the past have been involved in the Fedora Documentation Project including sitting on it's Steering Committee, The Fedora Ambassadors including sitting on FAMSCo, early on I was involved in Fedora Marketing and Websites. I started the Fedora Amateur Radio SIG packaging Ham apps for Fedora. I am actively involved in the "IRC Support SIG" trying to improve the user experience and change how we have done things wrong in the past and in some cases still are. I also have two projects on Fedora Hosted that we are currently working on, Reflector and Multiboot Media Creator.
  • Future plans: This is the hardest question for me to answer, it forces me to look at things that I may have done wrong in the past... I have been and will continue to work on my communication skills so I don't piss people off every time I open my mouth or fire up my keyboard.
  • Anything else you want to add: Some suggest that I am unpopular, In the past I asked the community to step up and endorce me before I would run they did so I am clearly not unpopular with everyone. Why am I unpopular with some? Because I asked people to endorce me, I was attacked by some for doing this. I speak the truth as I see it, some disagree with me, some think I am too brutal... some can't handle the truth. I have been known to say the right things the wrong way, I'm human. The Fedora Board is not about popularity, it's about making Fedora better, stronger, the best community in the sea of many distros. We do not have to be "First" in the market (the most popular on distrowatch or any other metric), Fedora's First is about innovation, First to market if you will. That innovation like it or not is what brought most of us to Fedora and now we complain about new things in each release... We have to work together, splintering Fedora as a distro does us no good as a community.
    Something I think we have to acknowledge is the fact Red Hat has a huge investment in Fedora, how does that impact what we do in the future? I think Red Hat needs to be respected, they do a lot for us. How does respecting Red Hat's needs impact our foundation of First? Red Hat has to deal with many internal and external pressures to do their best to fit their client's needs, how do these fit with Fedora's needs? I am not sure at this time how I feel about it as there are so many questions to think about, if elected I expect you to tell me how you feel about them and essentially how you want me to vote on topics that come up. I want to be your voice, anyone that knows me well knows I can play "devil's advocate" sticking up for something even if I personally disagree with it.

-- Bob Bjensen 15:36, 15 May 2012 (UTC)