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Mathieu Bridon

I'm a French system/software engineer, currently working as Linux Platform Developer for a managed security services company in Hong-Kong.

I also am a Novell CLP and a RHCE.

Realisations in the FOSS community


I've been using Fedora since Fedora Core 5 (Bordeaux, what a wonderful name :-). Since then, I've been an active member in the French community.

Mohamed Elmorabity and I co-founded the Fedora | Paris project. The goal was to know the non-geek-side of each other, and build friendship inside our community. The subjects of conversation could be geared towards Fedora but it was not mandatory. We are not a LUG, Fedora is merely what brought us together.

I maintain some packages both in Fedora and EPEL.

Under pressure (and guidance) from Thomas Canniot, I became a Fedora Ambassador in June 2008.

I have been an Ambassador mentor from March 2010, when Joerg Simon appointed me, to March 2012.

I have also been the assistant secretary of the Fedora-Fr NPO from 2009 to 2011.


Apart from minor contributions to several projects, I am a core contributor to the following projects.

IBus Cangjie

The support for the Cangjie and Quick input methods (the two most widely used in Hong Kong) used to be terrible. Along with Wan Leung Wong, we initiated IBus Cangjie to change that.


I also contribute to the PyF framework. PyF is a pure Python framework for building flow-based applications, that is applications that can handle lots of data without ever loading more than one item in memory at a time, thus being highly scalable.

PyF was mostly part of my previous work though, so even if I maintain good relationships with the community, I haven't done any contribution ever since I moved to Hong Kong.


I initiated Shomyu. The goal is to provide a web application for members of a community to locate themselves and add a short description about them.

Shomyu was born after frustration from not being able / wanting to use the proprietary Frappr service that Fedora-Fr was using at this time. The hope was thatShomyu could eventually replace it if it ever got in a working enough shape.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of time, this project has been on hold for a while.