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Who I am

I'm a french junior system engineer.

I'm currently living in what others call "the most beautiful city in the world": Paris (they are so wrong -_-)

I also am a Novell CLP.

Realisations in the FOSS community


I've been using Fedora since Fedora Core 5 (Bordeaux, what a wonderful name :-). Since then, I've been a very active member in the french community (but had to pause a little lately).

My major achievement until now is the co-founding with Mohamed Elmorabity of the Fedora | Paris project. What we do is gather the Fedoristas who live in Paris and have diner more or less every 2 weeks, and more if the night goes on.

Of course, we all already know each other on IRC or on the forums, so those meetings are more a way to know the non-geek-side of each other, and build friendship inside our community. The subjects of conversation can be geared towards Fedora but it is not mandatory. We are not a LUG, Fedora is merely what brought us together. Put in other words, Fedora | Paris aims at seeing what lays beyond the geeky mask.

Fedora | Paris is also responsible of providing the restaurants and after parties for the Fedora Community regarding events organized in Paris. As a result, we are proud to count Max Spevack and Yaakov Nemoy as international guests (as well as the French community members who don't live in Paris but gave us a visit).

Recently, I started contributing by packaging.

Under pressure from Thomas Canniot, I became a Fedora Ambassador in June 2008.


I initiated shomyu. The goal is to provide a web application for members of a community to locate themselves and add a short description about them.

Shomyu was born after frustration from not being able / wanting to use the proprietary frappr service that Fedora-Fr is currently using. Let's hope shomyu can replace it if it ever gets in a working enough shape.


I participated in the organization of the F10 Release Party in Paris where I lead some workshops.

Plans for 2009

Here's what I want to do for 2009: