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* '''Email''': [[MailTo(bpepple AT fedoraproject DOT org)]
* '''Email''': [ bpepple AT fedoraproject DOT org]  
* '''Jabber''': [[MailTo(bdpepple AT gmail DOT com)]   
* '''Jabber''': [ bdpepple AT gmail DOT com)]   
* '''IRC (''': "bpepple"
* '''IRC (''': "bpepple"
* '''Blog''':
* '''Blog''':
* '''GPG key: [ 810CC15E] '''
* '''GPG key: [ 810CC15E] '''
I'm currently a member and current chair of the [[Development/SteeringCommittee|  Fedora Engineering Steering Committee]] .
I'm currently a member and former chair of the [[Development/SteeringCommittee|  Fedora Engineering Steering Committee]] .
== Maintainer of the following fedora packages ==
== Maintainer of the following fedora packages ==

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Brian Pepple

I'm currently a member and former chair of the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee .

Maintainer of the following fedora packages

  • Contact-Lookup-Applet: An applet that search your Evolution address book.
  • Evolution-Brutus: Brutus based Exchange connector for Evolution
  • Farsight: An audio/video conferencing framework
  • Freeciv: The Freeciv multi-player strategy game.
  • Fyre: Tool for creating artwork from chaotic functions
  • GGZ-Gtk-Client: Gtk+ client libraries for GGZ gaming zone
  • Gossip: GNOME Jabber Client
  • Gstreamer-Plugins-Farsight: GStreamer plug-ins for farsight protocol
  • Libepc: Easy Publish and Consume Library
  • Libjingle: Googletalk implementation of Jingle
  • Libsexy: Funky fresh graphical widgets for GTK+ 2
  • Libtelepathy: GLib library to ease writing telepathy clients
  • Meld: Gnome visual diff tool.
  • Nautilus-FLAC-Converter: Nautilus extension to converter FLAC files to Ogg Vorbis.
  • Nautilus-Image-Converter: Nautilus extension to mass resize images.
  • Loudmouth: Jabber programming library written in C.
  • Pymsn: Python libraries for MSN Messenger network.
  • Python-Eyed3: Python module for processing ID3 tags
  • Python-Reportlab: Python PDF generation library.
  • Python-Telepathy: Python libraries for Telepathy
  • SDL_image: A simple image loading library for SDL.
  • SDL_mixer: A simple multi-channel audio mixer library for SDL.
  • SDL_net: SDL portable network library.
  • SDL_ttf: Simple Direct-Media Layer True-Type Font library
  • swfdec: Flash animation rendering library
  • swfdec-gnome: Programs to integrate Flash into the GNOME desktop
  • swfdec-mozilla: Mozilla/Gecko player Flash plugin using swfdec
  • Tagtool: Gtk2 Ogg Vorbis and MP3 tag manager.
  • Telepathy-Butterfly: MSN connection manager for Telepathy
  • Telepathy-Feed: Galago feed for Telepathy
  • Telepathy-Filesystem: Telepathy filesystem layout
  • Telepathy-Gabble: A Jabber/XMPP connection manager for Telepathy
  • Telepathy-Glib: Glib bindings for Telepathy.
  • Telepathy-Idle: IRC connection manager for Telepathy
  • Telepathy-Salut: XMPP local-link connection manager for Telepathy
  • Telpathy-Stream-Engine: Telepathy client to handle media streaming
  • XChat-GNOME: GNOME IRC Client

If any of them screw up, feel free to let me know.