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* [[Docs/Drafts/JavaProgramming]]
* [[Docs/Drafts/JavaProgramming]]
* [ OpenJDK bug tracking system]
* [ IcedTea Home page]
* [ IcedTea Home page]
* []  
* []  

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Fedora Project has a dedicated Java developer page:

There are tons of resources for Java development, like:


For debugging or development, there are

  • java-devel
  • java-src
  • java-javadoc
  • openjfx (JavaFX)
  • openjfx-devel
  • openjfx-javadoc
  • openjfx-src
  • JavaFX (?) JavaFX is supposed to be merged in Java 8. Why is there a specific package??

Teaching and Learning Java

As part of planning and implementing new 100% FLOSS Java components into Fedora, this draft document has been opened to give developers a place to teach each other about best practices, patterns, etc.