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Dr. Tilmann Bubeck


I'm working with Linux since 1996 with a version called "Deutsche Linux Distribution" (DLD). This was a former german linux distribution produced by a company called delix GmbH. From 1997 to 1998 I was the technical lead of that linux distribution. Therefore I decided (together with the team), what the best direction could be, managed the team and also maintained a lot of packages.

In 1998 delix was bought by Red Hat and was transformed into the german part of Red Hat. I joined Red Hat as a freelance trainer and received "Red Hat Certified Enginieer" (RHCE) in 1998 and "Red Hat Certified Examiner" (RHCX) shortly after. Since that time I sometimes work a as Linux trainer.

In 2001 I founded my own company called "reinform AG" ( which offers software development and system administration services. We run Linux on all our own servers and desktops and recomment Fedora to our customers whenever this makes sense for them.

As a Fedora Ambassador I would like to spread the word about the advantages of Linux and especially Fedora. This is something I could give back to the community.


Activities within Fedora

  • I maintain package "vacation" in Fedora.
  • I'm using Fedora daily at work and at home.
  • I'm responsible for the IT of our company ("reinform AG") and decided to use Fedora all over the place.

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