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Christian Iseli

  • Full legal name: Christian Iseli
  • IRC: c4chris- on a few fedora related channels at freenode
  • City, Country: Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Profession: Computer engineer, system manager, bioinformatician
  • Company: Université de Lausanne (

Packages I currently maintain in Fedora

My goals in the Fedora Project

  • make Fedora a good choice for the bioinformatics field

Packages I want to see published

  • mainly bioinformatics packages, and system management type packages

Historical qualifications

  • I have a PhD in computer engineering.
  • My thesis was on reconfigurable processors (using FPGA chips) and accompanying tools (compilers and such...)
  • I've now been working in bioinformatics for about 18 years...

What other projects have you worked on in the past?

  • I have not been part of an open source project team, but I worked for a couple years on porting binutils/gcc to a small microprocessor and got some patches included upstream (in EGCS at the time...)
  • I also have a few projects on SourceForge , username c4chris

What computer languages and other skills do you know?

  • nowadays it's mainly C and Perl, but whatever works...
  • I know my way in Linux and Solaris (been managing Sun machines since the Sun 2 in 1985 or so...)
  • I also had some fun with HP/UX, Tru-64, VMS, Tops-20, NOS/BE and some others I don't care too much to remember...

Why should we trust you?

  • because I'm Kaa singing "Trust in me" ? :-)


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