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Kalpa Pathum Welivitigoda

About Me

I'm Kalpa from Galle, Sri Lanka.

Currently I'm a student of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Besides that I'm involved in the lokalization project of OpenOffice.

My first experience with GNU/Linux was with Red Hat 8. It was a three CD pack which I bought with zero knowledge about GNU or linux or even FOSS. I just wanted to give it a try and see what's inside. I couldn't install it properly as one of the CDs was cracked. The error was that it can't read some files and the whole installation process terminates. I had no idea what these files are related to. So what I did was I removed some packages with wild guesses and tried to install. I failed not once, twice but several times. Finally I could get it installed. Unfortunately there was no GUI (those files may be the ones that couldn't be read). I actually abandoned it there after, because I knew nothing to do with the CLI nor I had internet connection to explore.

Next as I remember was with Knoppix. I loved KDE a lot those days. Then came Ubuntu. It was Ubuntu 5.10 with 2CDs, one live and one to install. I was with Ubuntu for a couple of years and them moved to Fedora. During that season I started loving GNOME and still I'm a GNOME lover. So switching to Fedora was not that difficult. Of course Danishka Navin helped me a lot. Since then I'm here with Fedora.

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I usually can be found at #fedora #hanthana

Fedora Account : callkalpa


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Activities within Fedora

  • Full time Fedora user

Other activities in the FOSS world

  • GNOME - Sinhala Lokalization
  • Open Office - Sinhala Lokalization