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Welcome ! / Bienvenidos ! / Benvenuti !

I am a new volunteer to the Fedora Project. I am a relentless advocate for open source and have specific goals in perpetuating increased exposure and adoption of Fedora.

I use my nickname on this project, however, my real name is Mario Juliano Grande Balletta.

I plan to host a Fedora based event in Rhode Island, USA. Hopefully, veterans and senior volunteers can assist me and help me conform to the project's guidelines and expectations when publicizing Fedora.

I sincerely look forward to working hard with as many volunteers as possible and develop new friendships with open source enthusiasts, fellow advocates and engineers.

My apologies for starting with a simplistic page, I will add more content as soon as I have more free time. Thank you for visiting!

"Fedora, always on, and always on top, like a real hat!"