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Chris Roberts
Personal information
Location: Raleigh, NC USA
Birthday: Dec 5 1984

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: chrisroberts
Fedora e-mail:
Fedora homepage:

About Me

Hi my name is Chris Roberts. I am an avid user of Fedora and Red Hat Linux. I am one of the wiki administrators my job is to improve search and help keep our wiki organized. I also work in the Marketing, Design, and Websites team. You can basically say I wear many Fedora hats lol. I enjoy thinking of new ideas, and creating documents for the Fedora Project. I have avid experience in C++, C, Java, HTML, and enjoy working with Mono. I bring to the Fedora project 2.5 years of Wiki editing experience and making pages look more efficient. One of the biggest things that I enjoy is helping people learn Fedora, and trying to resolve any issues that they may have. I am always looking to meet new people and network. I currently work work for Red Hat.


Find my portfolio here : LinkedIn-user:Chris-Roberts

Goals to be achieved

  • Working on becoming involved in multiple areas of the Fedora project.
  • Educate users on the different aspects of Fedora and help them with any issues that arise.
  • Work on developing a client for Fedora to access Novell eDirectory and shares on a Novell server..

Events Attended

  • Flock 2013
  • Flock 2014
  • Self 2014

Ping Me