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* Fedora [[Ambassadors|Ambassador]] and Packager
* Fedora [[Ambassadors|Ambassador]] and Packager
=== Worked on ===
=== Working on ===
* [[User:Churchyard/python3]]
* [[User:Churchyard/python3]]

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Miro Hrončok
Miro Hrončok
Personal Information
Home: Prague, Czech Republic
Time zone: CET (UTC+1) / CEST (UTC+2)
Contact Information
FAS name: churchyard
Red Hat email:
Personal email:
IRC nick: mhroncok
IRC channels: #fedora #fedora-devel #fedora-ambassadors #fedora-cs #reprap
Twitter: @hroncok
Phone number: +420-777-974-800
Approved packages: Fedora Packages Database
Without reviewer: Bugzilla
With reviewer: Bugzilla
Badges, badges, badges!

What goes up... (Koji Failure III) What goes up... (Koji Failure I) What goes up... (Koji Failure II) Secretary General Speak Up! Junior Editor Senior Editor Associate Editor If you build it... (Koji Success III) If you build it... (Koji Success II) If you build it... (Koji Success I) Perceiving the Bull (Tester III) Flock 2013 Attendee You can call me "Patches" (SCM I) You can call me "Patches" (SCM II) You can call me "Patches" (SCM III) Junior Badger (Badger I) Is this thing on? (Updates-Testing III) Junior Tagger (Tagger I) Involvement Discovery of the Footprints (Tester II) In Search of the Bull (Tester I) Tanked! Tagger (Tagger II) Riddle Me This Like a Rock (Updates-Stable II) Like a Rock (Updates-Stable I) Is this thing on? (Updates-Testing I) Is this thing on? (Updates-Testing II) Paranoid Panda White Rabbit Mugshot Ambassador Proven Packager Keepin' Fedora Beautiful (F19) Def Keepin Fedora Beautiful (F19) Partners in Crime Badge Muse (Badge Ideas I) Binary Star Let Me Introduce Myself Master Editor Bona Fide Senior Badger (Badger II) Nuancier You can call me "Patches" (SCM IV) You can pry it from my cold, dead hands Curious Penguin (Ask Fedora I) Hatchling If you build it... (Koji Success IV) The cat came back... Like a Rock (Updates-Stable III) Baby Badger Senior Tagger (Tagger III) Embryo It still works! Tadpole Egg Tadpole with Legs Catching the Bull (Tester IV) Building the Outer Ring (Copr Build I) Building the Outer Ring (Copr Build III) Building the Outer Ring (Copr Build IV) Building the Outer Ring (Copr Build II) Fedora CZ Author Building the Outer Ring (Copr Build V) Working' a Beat (Beat Writer I) DevConf 2014 Speaker Junior Package Tagger (Package Tagger I) Senior Package Tagger (Package Tagger III) Package Tagger (Package Tagger II) FOSDEM 2014 Attendee FAD Rheinfelden 2013 Attendee DevConf Attendee Old Yeller Bloggin' it! (Planet I) Take this and call me in the morning Helping Hand What goes around comes around (Karma I) Crypto Panda Stop That Update! Curious Penguin (Ask Fedora II)

Miro Hrončok

About me

Working on

Worked on




  • SUT SH ČVUT 2012/2013 winter - talk on Fedora
  • LinuxAlt 2012 - talk on 3D printing on RepRap, organising the RepRap booth
  • (Prague) LinuxDays 2012 - co-organising the conference (organising booths and workshops), workshop on packaging Windows apps for Debian, co-organising the RepRap booth
  • Software Freedom Day 2012 in Brno - talk on 3D printing on RepRap
  • Openmobility Conference 2012 - co-organising the RepRap booth
  • Ubuntu 12.04 Release Party - talk on Xubuntu 12.04 and Xfce 4.10
  • InstallFest 2012 - talk on Geany


  • LinuxAlt 2011 - talk on Geany
  • Ubuntu 11.10 Release Party - talk on Xubuntu 11.10
  • Ubuntu 11.04 Release Party - talk on Xubuntu 11.04
  • OpenSource Conference/LinuxExpo 2011 - talk on Xfce 4.8
  • openSUSE 11.4 Release Party - talk on Xfce 4.8


  • LinuxAlt 2010 - talks on Wine prefixes and Xfce
  • LinuxExpo/OpenSource Conference 2010 - co-organising the Liberix (Czech non-profit Linux promoter) booth
  • LinuxExpo 2009 - co-organising the Ubuntu booth