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(Update on python-paste)
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| python-IPy || anaconda || unknown ||  ||
| python-IPy || anaconda || unknown ||  ||
| python-librepo || dnf || upstream's working || ||
| python-librepo || dnf || {{result|pass}} || ||
| python-meh || anaconda || 2to3 should work ||  ||
| python-meh || anaconda || 2to3 should work ||  ||

Revision as of 12:48, 3 October 2013

package reason status upstream bz
anaconda anaconda unknown
anaconda-yum-plugins anaconda unknown
authconfig anaconda needs porting to pygobject and/or GTK3
dnf dnf should work, need deps
firewalld anaconda blocked by python-slip
gdb buildroot upstream only
iscsi-initiator-utils anaconda unknown
langtable-python anaconda unknown
libreport-python python-meh unknown
libuser-python anaconda upstream is woking on it?
newt authconfig upstream only
PackageKit live-cd not yet
pykickstart anaconda not yet
pyparted anaconda upstream's working
python-babel anaconda several forks (!), needs work, spec ready
python-blivet anaconda unknown
python-cryptsetup anaconda unknown
python-iniparse dnf
Pass pass
python-IPy anaconda unknown
python-librepo dnf
Pass pass
python-meh anaconda 2to3 should work
python-nss anaconda hard work needed
python-paste live-cd No porting done and porting this would be very difficult. Advise to port the packages depending on this to a different library for the Fedora 22 Change.
python-pwquality anaconda unknown
python-pyblock anaconda unknown
python-pycurl python-urlgrabber unknown
python-slip firewalld not yet
python-urlgrabber anaconda upstream's working
rhythmbox live-cd patches ready
samba live-cd needs work
speech-dispatcher live-cd
Pass pass
sos live-cd upstream's working?
sssd / python-sssdconfig live-cd upstream's working?