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package reason status upstream bz
anaconda anaconda unknown
anaconda-yum-plugins anaconda unknown
audit-libs-python policycoreutils-python unknown
authconfig anaconda needs porting to pygobject and/or GTK3
cloud-init cloud needs different templating engine and python-boto
dnf dnf
Pass pass
firewalld anaconda
Pass pass
gdb buildroot upstream only
heat-cfntools cloud unknown
iscsi-initiator-utils anaconda unknown
langtable-python anaconda
Pass pass
libreport-python python-meh upstream's working, need deps
libuser-python anaconda upstream is woking on it?
newt authconfig
Pass pass
PackageKit live-cd not yet
policycoreutils-python cloud-init unknown
pykickstart anaconda not yet
pyparted anaconda upstream's working
python-babel anaconda
Pass pass
python-blivet anaconda unknown
python-boto cloud-init somehow works, needs proper upstream integration
python-cheetah cloud-init will never happen (drop the dependency)
python-cryptsetup anaconda unknown
python-iniparse dnf
Pass pass
python-IPy anaconda unknown
python-librepo dnf
Pass pass
python-meh anaconda
Pass pass
python-nss anaconda hard work needed
python-paste live-cd No porting done and porting this would be very difficult. Advise to port the packages depending on this to a different library for the Fedora 22 Change.
python-pwquality anaconda unknown
python-pyblock anaconda unknown
python-pycurl python-urlgrabber work in progress
python-slip firewalld
Pass pass
python-urlgrabber anaconda upstream's working
rhythmbox live-cd
Pass pass
samba live-cd needs work
speech-dispatcher live-cd
Pass pass
sos live-cd upstream's working?
sssd / python-sssdconfig live-cd upstream's working?


This second table is more important from the contributor perspective. It contains the chain of dependencies of fedora-packager.

package reason status upstream bz
bodhi self unknown
createrepo self, mock will be replaced by createrepo_c
dnf (was yum) mock also in first table - -
fedora-packager & fedora-cert self unknown
fedpkg self unknown
gdb rpm-build also in first table - -
GitPython rpkg upstream seems very inactive, use pygit2 instead? - -
koji self unknown
mock self unknown
packagedb-cli self unknown
python-bugzilla packagedb-cli unknown upstream patches
python-bunch python-fedora upstream seems unresponsive for two years (last commits and unmerged pull requests). Emailed upstream to find out if they'd like help maintaining the package. There is some support for pythn3 in the package but it's broken.
python-decoratortools mock upstream seems very inactive; suggest porting mock to python{3,}-decorator
python-fedora bodhi Impossible to do in whole. Need info to decide whether we can port just the needed parts
python-kitchen python-fedora Needs documentation rewritten for python3. Code should be close to ready. May want to reevaluate the strategy -- currently it's dual branched but some of it may do better as single codebase. However, single codebase is hard because this library cares alot about whether it's working with bytes or text.
python-krbV koji unknown
python-offtrac fedpkg unknown
python-pycurl python-offtrac also in first table - -
python-urlgrabber koji also in first table - -
rpkg fedpkg unknown
rpmlint self working on it (churchyard)


These are releng "must have" packages (list got after discussion with Dan Mach). Note, that some are already listed in the above table (e.g. mock, koji client, fedpkg).

package reason status upstream bz
yum-utils yum-utils unknown
pungi pungi unknown