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= General Info =
= General Info =
Other Activities
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[[Category: Zh]]

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Recent Photograph
Christopher 'Cicku' Meng
[[Image:|center|250px|Christopher 'Cicku' Meng]]
Personal Information
Home: Beijing, China (UTC+8)
Fedora Information
FAS name: cicku
Fedora email:
IRC nick: cicku
IRC channels: #fedora-ambassadors,#fedora-cn,#epel,#trans-zh_cn
Fedorapeople page:
Miscellaneous Information
Private email:
GPG key: [1]
RHCE Certificate: [2]
RHCT Certificate: [3]
Gtalk: {{{gtalk}}}
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About ME

Mi perfil en Castellano 中文用户点击此处查看

This self-introduction is just a draft,I'll update this constantly.

I feel so happy as you can spare your precious time on my page.My name is Christopher Meng(Cicku),a student in Senior 3.I was born in Beijing,China.I love Computer Science,and my English is very good. Now I do some works about translation of many foss wiki.

I made my junior school's computer classroom into a mess,every PC's hard disk had been damaged as I'd try to SYN/CC our LAN DHCP server.

I use Linux since 2004,My favorite Linux distribution is Fedora.Of course it is beautiful and easy for use.

Now I run a personal blog at HERE!This is a Linux VPS,so I use CentOS to operate.CentOS is a derivative distribution of RHEL,so I can learn many things from RHEL.


* Public English Test System Level-3 OK
* Spanish
* Python Programmer
* Shell Programmer
* C Programmer(a bit)
* Website Design
* Server Maintaince(not include SQL maintaince)
* Photoshop Design(just play it)
* Music making(like above)
* Simplified Chinese translator of many projects


Hmm...You can find me very easy.My social accounts are listed at:HERE! But,I prefer Email rather than other ways.See it below.


This year I'll attend a most important TEST ,this may change my life.So I'm busy preparing it.Please contact me via GMail.Because of anti-spam,please see it after you enter reCAPTCHA at HERE !!!

Ambassador's Responsibilities

After 8 years' Linux studying,I realized that I should contribute more.As an ambassador of Fedora,my responsibilities is to spread it for public person.I hope people surrounding me can know Linux(especially Fedora) as a good helper for life or study,but not for "geek's toy".I'll change Linux's impression in next years for all people surrounding me.Linux should be used in many aspects of life and study,especially in university.

Project Involved

* FedoraProject Wiki/Transifex Simplified Chinese l10n/i18n
* Twitter Simplified Chinese i18n
* Opensuse Wiki Simplified Chinese l10n
* Bugzilla Simplified Chinese l10n
* https-finder Simplified Chinese l10n
* WPtouch Simplified Chinese l10n
* CentOS Wiki Simplified Chinese l10n
* GNU Simplified Chinese l10n

Further Information

* My Fedora Project wiki contributions
* My FAS account
* My Drafts


Currently my tasks are:


* Clean all incorrect syntax.
* Translate pages into Chinese as more as I can.

General Info