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Nguyễn Hà Dương (Duong H. Nguyen in English)
[[Image:|none|Nguyễn Hà Dương (Duong H. Nguyen in English)]]
Personal Information
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Birthplace: {{{birthplace}}}
Home: Hanoi, Vietnam
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: cmpitg
Miscellaneous Information
Personal Mail: cmpitg at g mail dot com
GPG-Key: DD645F71
Twitter: cmpitg cmpitg
Diaspora: [http:// ]
Jabber: cmpitg
IRC: cmpitg on Freenode in
#hanoilug #lisp-vn #racket #newlisp


Gender: Male

Nationality: Vietnamese

Country where I live and work now: Vietnam

Organization: Hanoi Community Space

Some Words About Me

My full name is Nguyễn Hà Dương, also known as Duong H. Nguyen or Dương “Yang” ヤン Hà Nguyễn in English, グエンヤン in Japanese, and simply cmpitg. I am currently a member of many local and international FOSS communities, including but not limited to HanoiLUG, Fedora Vietnam, Ubuntu-VN, Clojure, Gentoo, and Mozilla Vietnam.