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== Event Report ==
== Event Report ==

* [[ | China Fedora Support Community]] has been set up!
* [ China Fedora Support Community] has been set up!

== My Notepad ==
== My Notepad ==

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Haowei Lee

Personal Information

  • Fedora Account: cnblue
  • GPG key: 60A61117
  • Location: Chongqing and Beijing, China
  • Language: English,Chinese,little Spanish

Award Information

Contact Information

  • MSN: nathanael(AT)msn(DOT)cn
  • AIM: haowei2008
  • IRC: nathanael_china or nathanael_cn (always on #centos and on #fedora-ambassadors and #fedora-mktg channels at freenode)

Event Report

My Notepad

Hi! I am so happy to back here. I am a profssional English interpretor and system engineer. At present, I pay my effort to do much better for Fedora. If you have any question or opinion with Fedora, or you have some good advice for Fedora in China, please contact me in any way available. I hope a Fedora enjoyment with you all.