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Your Name and Surname


My name is Noah Lee and I'm from South Korea.

I, however, got some skills about C, C++.

I also can speak (and of course write) both English and Korean.

It should be pointed out that I like science. :)

Hope I'll be a lot of help to Fedora Project!

Thank you.


Actually, I need a help about IRC system. :|

Activities within Fedora

  • Increasing the number of users using Fedora instead of non-free OS like Windows or Macintosh is my goal.
  • It'll be helpful if we make Fedora compatible with other OS like Windows.
  • It'll also be helpful if we make Fedora 'easy to uninstall' so we can persuade people to install fedora using these words: "You can uninstall if you like. So why don't give it a try?".
  • However, I am interested in programming C, C++.