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Sunday, March 2, 2014 7:14 EST

  1. Locked down my personal wiki yesterday.
  2. Examine systemd-sysctl
  3. Plan more active bug chasing role in Fedora? For which Fedora release?
  4. Hostname for Robotics spin Install now petrel.
  5. AO 725-0412 localhost.localdomain security spin install: Closed lid while `yum-builddep systemd.spec' in progress !

Tuesday 2/25/14 2:09 EST

  1. Several f20 spins on spare 320GB hd (ext4) effort?
  2. Cosmetic improvements to User:Condor

Thursday 2/13/14 7:51 EST

  1. The question I ask myself is "What is the purpose?" In this case: What is purpose of this effort?
  2. I worked a full day at the day gig, therefore this will be short session.