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Name: Oscar Creatura Gonzalez


I began using Fedora at the end of 2012 . I started to being interesed on Clustering,HPC and Parallel Computing. I started to collaborates in a Fedora User group on a constant basis and also to give workshops on fedora ans FOSS. GEtting more and more involved in many aspects ofFedora.

Basic skills and experiences : Python programming , playing around inkscape , bash begginer and GNULinux enthusiast.

Why you're joining : Fedora ecosystem brings a lot of the tools i need do my work.Since this i not a alone venture since i got the support of the community that can push together..

What you're looking to do (be specific): work with python and fedora, HPC, Parallel Computing, Clustering, SoC ARM boards bealgebone black, raspberry pi,parallela,cubiboard,Heterogeneous System Architecture,OpenCL,OpenGL, Big Data, NoSQL databases,data visualization, data structures,infographics

Spinning the Spin

  • Jam
  • Security
  • Scientific
  • Design

Related links

Future Activities and Plans

  • Enhance and Promote the use of Fedora and FOSS
  • Explore Parallel Computing and HPC

ARM and Big Data

Paralella Board

Clustering with Fedora

  • Why Fedora?
  • Trying out Fedora

File systems issues


Intro to HPC

Fedora on Supercomputing

Parallel Programing

  • Multicore
  • Multithread

Soc and Fedora

  • Beablebone Black
  • Pidora
  • Paralella

Other interest

HomeBrewing with Arduino, Beaglebone and Co.


I like to keep things out in the open, so please ask before you privately message me.

  • Email: or