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Chris Tyler

  • Email: chris AT tylers DOT info or chris.tyler AT senecac DOT on DOT ca
  • IRC: ctyler on freenode:#fedora-devel,#seneca, #fedora, #xorg, #xorg-devel as well as on mozilla:#seneca, #developers
  • Fedora Talk: Extension 510 1064
  • Location: Toronto/Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
  • Employer: Seneca College/Global Proximity Corporation


I'm a programmer and network administrator, and have used Red Hat Linux and Fedora since RH4.2. Here are some of the things I do:

  • Former Fedora Project Board member (F10-F11)
  • Teach open source programming and Linux system administration at Seneca College -- check out the opensource@seneca planet
  • Co-chair FSOSS, the Seneca Free Software and Open Source Symposium (check it out!)
  • Work with the Centre for Development of Open Technology CDOT, also at Seneca
  • Write and teach about the X Window System, and work as a member of
  • Author of Fedora Linux: A Complete Guide to Red Hat's Community Distribution (O'Reilly, ISBN 0596526822/9780596526825; )
  • Author of X Power Tools (O'Reilly, ISBN 0596707953/9780596101954)
  • Irregularly write the Fedora Daily Package (
  • Write articles and howtos, hunt bugs, and love experimenting with multiseat Fedora systems (my home system has 4 Gnome seats on one PC).
  • Consult for clients in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.
  • Blog irregularly at when time permits.