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Chris Weyl

Sponsor, random packager, part of the rabble :) I maintain a bunch of packages, most of them Perl. If you note something wrong/wanted/etc, please don't hesitate to send me an email or open a bug against the package.

Like what I'm doing? Feel free to check out my Amazon wishlist  ;)

Perl Package Update Methodology

In general, I try to keep Rawhide and the current release (n) tracking released versions on the CPAN. Developer versions (e.g. x.y_zz) are not usually built and released, even to Rawhide, unless there's a good reason for it. The previous Fedora release (n-1) is maintained at the same level as n until the n+1 hits its alpha freeze, at which point updates are done as needed or requested.

Whatever point we are in this process, please feel free to open a bug against any package asking for an update, if so desired.

In specific:


Rawhide tracks the current CPAN releases.

Current Fedora release

The current Fedora release (n) tracks the latest CPAN levels, unless there's a good reason not to, e.g. incompatible API change in a distribution.

Prior Fedora release

This will track n until such time as n+1 hits Alpha. After that time, updates are issued either as needed or as requested.