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Hello, Thank you! you for taking your time

My nickname is Davidnamy in Fedora, but my real name is David


I have 34 years and I'm from Madrid (Spain)

I have linux on this for 10 years or so (can not remember either my beginnings :-))


Working as a systems administrator for an international company dedicated technology.

My duties and others are managing servers, network electronics and security

My personal computer at work is Fedora16 and servers I manage are both . rpm and. deb;-)

in variety is the spice and learning!

My World Linux

I have experience with some distributions Linux (Fedora, OpenSuse, Ubuntu, Debian, Mint) This experience goes beyond my job and I can say that that the "open source" is a way of being

My first contact with the Fedora project dates back to 2004-5 with Version 3 "heidelberg" that long ago, many things are different in Fedora and linux in general (the community is improving over time)

We are, in my opinion, at a time thanks to the selfless work impressive people that makes this fascinating world


Since not all computers in the world is ... I love running, cycling, music mountain sports! being outdoors and sit with a good book in your hands (paper or e-book)

Interest in Fedora

-I think my biggest contribution is to bring people around me this exciting Fedora system, which is why I tend to think that I can have a place in the group ambassadors[[1]]

-Thanks to the group "FreMedia" I am working on Fedora. freemedia[[2]]





GPG Key:

Fedora Account: davidnamy