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Matias Kreder


Mi nombre es Matias y soy de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Acerca de mí

  • Nacido en 1987
  • Técnico Electrónico
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer
  • Trabajando con Solaris, AIX and RHEL. Linkedin


  • Email:
  • IRC: delete on #fedora #fedora-latam (freenode)
  • Idioma: English, Spanish, German
  • LLave GPG: 54A62E60
  • Cuena de Fedora Fedora: delete
  • Personal Web page:
  • Pagina Web Personal en Castellano:
  • Skype: mekreder

Actividades en Fedora

I have been involved in Fedora in many different ways in the past. I participated in the FreeMedia program, owned the twitter account and helped on the #fedora channel for a while. Nowadays, I am a Packager and a Mentor for new Ambassadors. You can find me on #fedora-ar, #fedora-devel and #fedora-latam. I'm very interested in increasing the popularity of Fedora project, in my local region and globally.

If you have any doubt or you want to talk with me about something please feel free to contact me. I'm going to be glad to help you.


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Ciclo de Charlas de Software Libre 2011



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