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Luc de Louw

Hi! My name is Luc de Louw living in Zürich, Switzerland. I'm a Linux enthusiast since 1994. Since more then 10 years, Linux is also my profession. In the year 2000 I installed the first commercially used Linux systems of the Swiss airline industry. Since then I worked in different companies mostly in the outsourcing business.

Since approx. two years I'm working with Red Hat's RHEL and its derivatives such as CentOS. Later I also switched my Desktop and Notebooks from openSUSE to Fedora, for obvious reasons: Fedora is the upstream of RHEL and it is more stable.

My first contact with the Fedora community was at 2010 in Zürich, Switzerland. There I recognized that it is indeed a very nice and international community with a lot of interesting people.


  • Email:
  • Websites: and
  • Skype: luc.delouw
  • Location: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Timezone: CET (UTC+2) and CEST (UTC+2) daylight saving time.
  • Languages: Swiss-German, German, English, some French, a bit Spanish
  • Employer: Siemens Information Systems and Services AG, Switzerland

Current activities within Fedora

  • Not yet that much, some bug reports mostly RHEL and RHN-Sat (and spacewalk) related
  • One single bugfix for cobbler

Future activities within Fedora

I dont know how and who to approach... On the following things I'm able to contribute:

  • Packaging
  • Testing and more bug reports
  • Infrastructure (Server set up and maintenance and similar things)
  • Help with organizing events

Feel free to contact me...

Opensource contributions

  • Translation of some KDE programs from English to German
  • Creator of web-cyradm, a web front end to manage Cyrus IMAP users and Postfix


  • System automation in general
  • RHN Satellite/Spacewalk
  • Cobbler
  • Puppet