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Jukka Palander

Hi. I am a Fedora user and first got to know Linux since Slackware 0.96 was released. After few years I started to go towards Linux systems again and since I have used RH 7 and 9, Fedora 3, 5, 7, 9 and now 11. Also I am familiar with Ubuntu (couple of latest editions). I started my "computer age" in the beginning of 80's using Aquarius, Amstrad and C32VIC + C64 (and Commodore PET!) and then professionally got involved briefly with systems like Digital PDP 10-30 and 11-30, VAX-VMS etc. I still remember very well when we got first IBM PC in the company where I worked those days..

Professionally I am in software development business running my own company, IT Development Spain, in southern Spain (Costa del Sol). Before moving permanently in Spain, some 9 years ago, I was working in Finland at Sonera Corporation, the largest telecommunications operator in Scandinavia, as a Development Manager.

I am myself fluent with C/C++, PHP (and databases/SQL such as MySQL etc..). Also I have done programming with VB, Java, some C# etc.


Activities within Fedora

So far my activities with Fedora have been using it in everyday work. In the office we do not have any other than Linux OS's in use!

Also I try to talk with people physically here in the Costa del Sol area and I have even managed to get some people switching into Linux.. :-) I also spread some Linux related information in various discussion boards, mainly in Finnish and English.