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Dominic Hopf

I'm Dominic, a very computer-addicted guy since 1999. I'm using Fedora since 2004 (first Linux was RHL9). At the moment i'm doing my apprenticeship to get a IT systems engineer at a company for telecommunications in Germany which is acting world-wide.

Personally I'm working much with web development languages like XHTML; PHP; JavaScript; Perl and so on. Furthermore I know languages like C, C++, Java, Python, SQL (e.g. working with MySQL and Oracle.), Bash-Scripting and others.

I love using Free Software like Fedora and want to support and spread such projects. That's why I'm here.
For example I want to build packages for Fedora, translate pieces of software, write small patches and so on.

I'm involved with some other projects too, which support Free Software and and free culture on the web, especially here in Germany. If you want to know about those projects or about me, I'm sure it won't be a problem to find information on the web or to contact me. ;)


Activities within Fedora

  • Languages: German (mother-tongue), English (good), French (basically knowledge)
  • Programming Languages: as described above
  • Since I'm living in Germany I prefer to support events around here ;)