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My name is Randy Berry, I have been a Fedora user since FC2 and a Red Hat Linux user before that. I currently run Fedora 9. I enjoy working with Fedora and learning as much as I can about the operating system. I try to keep myself fluent in both the CLI and GUI aspects of Fedora. I am an Amateur Radio Operator my callsign is N3LRX, and a member of the [[SIGs/AmateurRadio| Amateur Radio Special Interest Group]]. I promote Fedora Linux to all my friends as well as to other computer users I meet. I enjoy contributing to the community as much as I can. I am currently learning packaging and looking forward to contributing more to Fedora's Amateur Radio SIG as well as Fedora as a whole.
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I am a regular in #Fedora and #Fedora-Hams on my IRC nicks are Dp67, N3LRX

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