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David Pravec
David Pravec
Fedora Information
FAS name: dpravec
Fedora email:
IRC nick: dpravec
IRC channels: #fedora-qa
Fedorapeople page:
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I studied computer science, but I was always interested in many other areas. For example i know a lot about history, politics, psychology, sociology, religions and cults, music, leadership, marketing, ponerology, different cultures, the art of war, psychological operations, propaganda, ...

During last 10 years I understood how important is to users to have power and authority above theirs computers and software and not the other way around (meeting with RMS helped a lot).

Activities within Fedora

I have recently joined Fedora to help with QA.

Quality Assurance

My goals here are:

  • Improve overall quality of Fedora and enduser experience;
  • look for potential problems and improve Fedora teamwork, encourage collaboration in the community;
  • improve QA documentation, tools and processes;
  • automated testing of rawhide.