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David Timms

David Timms is a Control Systems Engineer at an Australian Audio Visual company. While a RH/Fedora user for some years, lately he has been using F10 for dvb television recording, playback and basic editing, and tuning guitars.

Areas that he is interested in include:

  • pyvnc2swf: vnc screen recorder - packaging {in [review] complete and in Fedora}
  • k3guitune: guitar tuner application - packaging complete and in Fedora
  • dvbcut: {rpmfusion - [review]} - trim up Digital Video Broadcasting transport streams.
  • anaconda - resilience when solvable things are detected
  • testing fedora devel releases
  • faster iso downloads through use of already downloaded files.
  • cleaning up the .whatever user settings/configuration layout
  • faster pup / pirut updates / installs through multitasking downloads
  • helping users having Fedora difficulties.
  • {updating Paradox Utils (file database) package to work with FC6}

I started my packaging experience and became a fedora package contributor with the glglobe earth visualization application.

Contact him by reversing: Email: [[MailTo(] Or occasionally as sunset06 on IRC.


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