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Fedora Atomic

  • Consolidated Storage Setup based on OverlayFS - In Fedora Atomic 27 we now default to a more simple container storage setup. In Fedora 26 we switched to overlay as the default driver but we still had a separate volume to for this storage. While we do recommend the separate volume for production deployments we also want a more simple setup for the out-of-the-box experience. In Fedora 27 Atomic Host the default will be a large root filesystem, shared with the container storage (via overlayFS).
  • Containerized Kubernetes by Default - Fedora Atomic 27 no longer includes Kubernetes, etcd, or flannel in the base OSTree. We offer containerized Kubernetes, flannel and etcd. This allows flexibility for users to choose different versions of Kubernetes, or to not use Kubernetes at all. If having kubernetes installed via RPM is a requirement, then package layering is still an option.
  • Improvements in Package Layering - Latest rpm-ostree, now with support for base package overrides (removes and replaces). This builds on top of the previous features including support for direct rpm install, and experimental LiveFS layering, which allows layering without a reboot.
  • System Containers in FLIBS - System Containers, a way of installing system infrastructure software via a container. Since Fedora 26 we have polished the System Container technology and now offer System Containers for Docker, Kuberetes, Flannel, and etcd. These are all available in the Fedora Layered Image Build Service.
  • atomic 1.19.1 - An updated to Atomic CLI version 1.19.1, with enhancements/bugfixes to system container support.
  • Cockpit XXX - Latest version of Cockpit, including support for Cockpit Dashboard installation on Atomic Host via rpm package layering.