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David Sugar


Starting in the 70's, I was at one time a "Telephone Hobbyist", although fortunately much less known and "sought after" than people contemporary to that period such as John Draper. My initial experience with computing was in my early teens with equipment from Ohio Scientific as well as S-100 CP/M systems. I also at the time developed and sold a BBS system.

In more recent times I was a founder of and the former CTO for Open Source Telecom Corporation, and I currently maintain a number of packages that are officially part of the GNU Project. I have at times also been an official speaker for the Free Software Foundation. Most of the upstream packages I maintain are telephony related, including GNU Bayonne and GNU SIP Witch. I first started using GNU/Linux when it was a distribution of floppy disks and a 0.12 kernel.

Recently I had been working on encrypted / intercept-free communication systems based on the work of Phil Zimmerman in publishing the ZRTP (social key verification) protocol. I am also involved with indigenous sovereignty issues and have worked on free software and public standards for the visually impaired.

Favorite Quote Today

Information in the computer age is the last genuine free market left on earth except those free markets where indigenous people are still surviving.