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  • Get "Release Notes" to use png icon instead of svg icon, to avoid rendering issues.
  • Get gnome-logs in the Utilities subcategory
  • Get rid of the OpenJDK 8 Preferences launcher (bug marked as WONTFIX, seeking alternative solutions) - workaround (libreoffice dependency change) might be in 21/08/2014 compose.
  • Get rid of the nm-connection-editor launcher
  • Get rid of system-config-firewall, make it installable via Software if it isn't
  • Convince Libreoffice maintainers to call their apps "Calc", "Writer" and so on without the LibreOffice prefix - filed as rhbz #1132179
  • Get "Font Viewer" back in utilities
  • Don't install gnome-photos by default - "not quite ready yet" Done. We still install shotwell and eog.
  • Move "screenshot" to Utilities?
  • Do we really want Libreoffice Draw by default?

Missing High Contrast Icons

  • Weather - filed gnome bz #735124
  • Photos Not default anymore, will be handled later.
  • Maps
  • DevAssistant
  • Simple Scan
  • Sound Recorder
  • Anaconda
  • SELinux Troubleshooter
  • system-config-firewall
  • nm-connection-editor


  • Less favourite apps by default
  • Get launcher policy officially approved
  • More gnome-abrt work
  • Spice agent resolution change on Live too