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{{Infobox user
|REAL-NAME= Elder Marco
|REAL-NAME=Elder Marco
|image= Elder-face.png
|birthday= Sep 29th 1984
|location=São Paulo, Brazil [[Image:Brazil.png|20px|]]
|birthplace= São Paulo, Brazil [[Image:Brazil.png|30px|]]
|email=eldermarco at fedoraprojet dot org
|HOME= Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [[Image:Brazil.png|30px|]]
|birthday=Sep 29th, 1984
|FAS-NAME= eldermarco
|fas-name= eldermarco
|gpg= D443CCC7
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== Fingerprint ==
== Fingerprint ==
  3A57 1A78 C5ED 5518 8022  3E15 4853 329D D443 CCC7
  3A57 1A78 C5ED 5518 8022  3E15 4853 329D D443 CCC7
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Elder Marco
Personal information
Location: São Paulo, Brazil Brazil.png
Birthday: Sep 29th, 1984
E-mail: eldermarco at fedoraprojet dot org
GPG key: D443CCC7
Contact information
IRC: ElderMarco on
Twitter: ElderMarco

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: eldermarco
Fedora e-mail:
Fedora homepage:


I'm a geophysicist and got my bachelor's degree at University of São Paulo, Brazil. Currently I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I've been a fedora user since fedora 7.

Fedora projects Involved

Package maintainers

I'm a package maintainer sponsored by Cristoph Wickert

Free Media Program

Fedora Free Media


3A57 1A78 C5ED 5518 8022  3E15 4853 329D D443 CCC7