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Emiliano Gonzalez


My Name is Emiliano Gonzalez. I'm 37 years old.

I'm a FLOSS Consultant and Fedora User since Fedora Core 1 Version (I've used Red Hat from RH5). I work and live in Neuquen/Argentina. I'm an active member of the Linux User Group in Neuquen (LUGNA).

My first Linux consist of an old debian for DEC Alpha, then I've used a lot of distros of Linux and BSD in a variety of architectures (from Sparc to Vaxs), from 1998. After a very good experience with RH, I decided migrate to FC. In the present, I use Fedora (Home, Working, Notebook) and I promote this distro each time is possible.

During 2008 me and my business partner and friend Emiliano Pereyra have established a FLOSS consultant company.


  • Email:
  • IRC: #fedora-latam / #LUGNA /#sfd-neuquen
  • GPG key:
  • Fedora Account: emigonza

Activities within Fedora

  • I am "full Fedora User". My own desktops have F13. Also I recommend fedora to all people
  • I work thinking about fedora as a very powerful backbone for productives environments and workstations.