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I'm Brandon Lozza and I live in the Greater Toronto Area, in Ontario Canada. I've been a GNU/Linux user since I received my first Redhat 5.2 CDR. I've tried and used many different distributions since then and Fedora is my now favourite distro. I normally blog about Free Software. I spread the good word of Fedora to people who are interested in Linux. I'm also a member of the FSF Community Response team.

I'm currently a student at the triOS College, working on a Network Support Technician diploma. I have received an honours award there for my great attendance records. If all goes to plan I'll also receive my college diploma with honours.

In high school, I was a prominent supporter of free software ideals, trying to use free & open source software in all that I did. I helped explaining to those who asked what the benefits of the Linux are. I was an assistant to the network administrator at my high school. I performed the activities of what you would expect out of help desk support at a large company or organization. I helped my school with volunteer projects involving web design. I also helped other students perform computer related tasks they were unfamiliar with.

Major stuff I'm working on now

  • Attending triOS College, I graduate in November 2010.
  • I'm working on a secret book.
  • Looking for volunteer venues to contribute my time into.


  • IRC: ender2070 on freenode — You can usually find me in #fedora-kde and #fedora-devel. I don't mind private messages.
  • Email: brandon [@] - this should be easy enough for a human to solve.

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