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About me

Hi all,

My name is Erik van Pienbroek, I'm living in the Netherlands and have been a Linux user as of Red Hat 6.2.

Within the open source community I'm the lead developer of two open source projects, OpenFTD and NNTPGrab. Both programs can be used to find and download content on the usenet.

In Fedora I'm involved in the [MinGW|Fedora MinGW Cross Compiler SIG] where I'm the package maintainer of several libraries. I can always be found on Freenode IRC in #fedora-mingw (nickname epienbro). Other places where you can find me is the [FTD Forum (Dutch)]

Maintained packages

[NNTPGrab] [libmicrohttpd] [pidgin-libnotify] [mingw32-hunspell] [mingw32-libgnurx] [mingw32-libidn] [mingw32-libsoup] [mingw32-libssh2] [mingw32-libxslt] [mingw32-cairo (co-maintainer)] [mingw32-filesystem (co-maintainer)] [mingw32-gettext (co-maintainer)] [mingw32-glib2 (co-maintainer)] [mingw32-gtk2 (co-maintainer)] [mingw32-jasper (co-maintainer)] [mingw32-libxml2 (co-maintainer)] [mingw32-openssl (co-maintainer)] [mingw32-pixman (co-maintainer)] [mingw32-pthreads (co-maintainer)]