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I am an engineering student in computer science at my university collaborate and support in various free software events this year was the coordinator of a game in the festival of free software (FLISOL), and supported at different universities.

My first event was at the university where I attended Don Bosco and met several people, self-interest and knowledge in college after Evangelical support of my country, I made friends and acquired new knowledge, as to advanced years, my partner jutno Jose Carlos, we have supported our university.

From there the group founded GNU / Linux UDB-EIC, as previously existed but was more a group listed for that company, seeing that the faculty of Engineering did not have any help begin to create presentations from a lounge, then we were climbing about 3 years and now we are recognized for bringing this group.

The group is to help students and teachers who are interested in knowing and learning more about Free Software, each cycle to create a space where share Tutorials Talks about our know how from the most basic as far as the time comes, because each cycle we have new companions who are interested in learning more Free Software.

I met my first distribution of GNU / Linux mandriva was in 2006, since then and come to know experiences of this operating system. Back in college I started to encourage my colleagues about this operating system.

By mid-year progress interested me more and more, now I know about Arduino, a Free Open Hardware device, in recent years gave talks, events and training on Arduino and GNU / Linux, this year with a friend gave training based on Fedora 16 and Arduino, making known the advantages you have when you use Free Software.

I also do not center only on Free Software and hardware but support for the protest of SOPA and PIPA, publishing information on the blog we manage ALSW Jose Carlos, Some friends and I, at every novelty that arose was tired since one week to follow exactly every event that came up.

After we released it with Jose Carlos the importance of SOPA in our lives and how we gave a talk could affect our lifestyle, we met new people and teach young students the importance of the Internet develops in our lives, I think that has been one of our greatest achievements, to our knowledge to future generations.

To date not changed my mind, I consider the best alternative for the world to change this THROUGH free software, not as technology but the community spirit of free software and hardware disclosed, friendship involved, mutual knowledge and freedom we have.


Hector Alonso Mendez Orantes

Fedora Account: evorock