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=== New packages in progress ===
=== New packages in progress ===
* ZMat: [done]
==== Completed (in stable) ====
* JNIfTI: [done]
* ZMat Toolbox: '''(octave-zmat)'''
* Iso2Mesh: [done]
* JNIfTI: '''(octave-jnifti, jnifti-demos)'''
* MCXLAB: [done]
* Iso2Mesh: '''(octave-iso2mesh, iso2mesh-demos)'''
* MCXLAB: '''(octave-mcxlab)'''
* Brain2Mesh: '''(octave-brain2mesh, brain2mesh-demos)'''
==== In progress ====
* ZMat library: '''(zmat, zmat-devel, zmat-static)'''
* MMC/MMCLAB:  '''(mmc, mmc-demos, octave-mmclab, mmclab-demos)'''

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Qianqian Fang

About me

I am a biomedical researcher, software developer, a former (and returning) Fedora package maintainer. Between 2004 and 2013, I founded and maintained the WenQuanYi Project, one of the largest crowd-sourcing CJK font projects (a finalist project for the Most Collaborative Project category of the SourceForge Community Choice Award 2007), and had packaged and maintained these fonts for Fedora for several years, before I moved on to focusing on research completely.

Over the past years, my research produced several open-source modeling tools, including

  • Iso2Mesh - an comprehensive image-based 3D mesh generator for MATLAB and Octave,
  • JSONLab - one of the widely used 3rd party JSON parser/writer for MATLAB,
  • MCX - a GPU accelerated Monte Carlo light transport simulator (widely used the fNIRS community),
  • MMC - a mesh-based Monte Carlo light simulator,
  • Brain2Mesh - a high-quality brain mesh generation toolbox based on Iso2Mesh, and more recently
  • OpenJData & NeuroJData - a set of file specifications and toolboxes to use JSON for scientific data storage.

I am returning as a package maintainer and would like to at least contribute to NeuroFedora by assisting or packaging the open-source tools produced by my lab, and if bandwidth allows, extended to other neuroimaging/neuroanatomical analysis utilities. I've met Morgan Hough in my University as well as in my workshop. JSONLab has already been packaged by Igor; Morgan and I also had recent discussions on packaging Iso2Mesh as well.

Package scratch pad

New packages in progress

Completed (in stable)

In progress