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== Activities within Fedora ==
== Activities within Fedora ==
* package maintainer
* [[PackageMaintainers|package maintainer]]
* Quality Assurance, mainly server packages and Xorg/mesa
* [[Proven_tester|critical path wrangler]]
* fixing bugs and add features in Fedora tools (smolt, fpaste, etc)
* [[QA|quality assurance]]
* occasional #fedora helper
* fixing bugs and add features in Fedora tools: [ smolt] and [ fpaste] for now.
* occasional [[Communicate#User_Help|#fedora]] helper
== Goals @ Fedora ==  
== Goals @ Fedora ==  

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François Cami
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Xfce4-logo2.png This user is a member of the Xfce SIG.

I started using Linux in 2000. I switched from then-Mandrake to Slackware, then Gentoo, then ran Slackware and Fedora side-to-side from FC4 onwards. I started to get involved in the project around F10 (October 2008).

Activities within Fedora

Goals @ Fedora

  • organize efficient quality testing of graphical user interfaces
  • provide a disturbance-free user experience