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Francesco Crippa

FrancescoCrippa me round 128.png

I’m a "Senior Solutions Architect". I design and build eterprise architectures based on Linux, Java and some other funny stuff

I live in Italy (sometimes in Milan, sometimes in Rome) and I was born in Lodi, on 29th of November.

I love technology, photography , music and some sports! I’m graduated in Information Technology and work for Byte-Code srl .

I’ve got a lot of hobbies and interests, like photograpy, playing piano, listen music... I enjoy in different kind of associations and groups of people (ti discuss about music, linux, and so on…)

Various things I have done:

  • Write and develop a wrapper to use puppet (configuration engine) in a very big and complex environment (I’ve called it "puppet-team") with a lot of system engineers
  • Write and develop Witick, a J2EE web application for manage authentication on wifi networks
  • Tons and Tons of RPMs (especially for J2EE opensource products. There’re not enough rpms for java…)
  • Found Byte-Code srl
  • Take Red Hat RHCE and RHCA certifications
  • Learn to sky
  • Learn to sailing
  • Learn to play golf
  • Code, scripts and so on... (java, ruby, c, bash)
  • Travel (but it’s always not enough)