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Momcilo "Momo" Medic
[[Image:|thumb|center|Momcilo "Momo" Medic]]
Personal Information
Birthday: 12.07.1983.
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: FedoraUser
Miscellaneous Information
Private Mail:
GPG-Key: 86868FF9
IRC: FedoraUser on in
#fedora, #fedora-ambassadors, #glube (and others)
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What is essential to know about me?

I am very friendly and always in good mood!

You are always more than welcome to contact me:

irc FedoraUser over at freenode (#fedora, #lugons)


So far, I wrote and deleted this wiki page too many times and I decided to make it pretty simple, because I am new to Fedora and I don't have anything yet to say about my contribution.

I will start by listing my goals as a contributor and edit from there, when I've done some of the work :)

Current goals:

- Promote Fedora in Serbia

- Create and maintain Fedora Serbia website, forum, irc

- Strengthen Fedora presence in regional events

- Help translate Fedora in Serbian

- Package and maintain OBS-Studio

- Package and maintain Great Little Radio Player

- Start local LUG

There may be someone who is alredy doing some of these projects and if so, please make sure to contact me if I don't find you first! :)

I want to provide and recieve as much help as possible. So uniting with people with same goals is a key for me.

Details about what I've done so far regarding goals:

Promote Fedora in Serbia

Serbia is, unfortunately, Windows heavy environment. It is because many of reasons: lack of proper education, strong communities, people involved with FLOSS, government deals with Microsoft, piracy, etc... I can not address all of these issues, but can work on some.

I started promoting Fedora just by using it on every computer that I own and introducing it to my friends and family.

Help translate Fedora in Serbian

Finished complete translating of 'Essential parts' before releasing Fedora 21. Continuing translating of 'Other important parts' and 'websites' of Fedora.

I know it is quite a goal, but I hope to make Fedora 100% translated in Serbian language!