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Momcilo "Momo" Medic
[[Image:|thumb|center|Momcilo "Momo" Medic]]
Personal Information
Birthday: 12.07.1983.
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: FedoraUser
Miscellaneous Information
Private Mail:
GPG-Key: 86868FF9
IRC: FedoraUser on in
#fedora, #fedora-ambassadors, #glube (and others)
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What is essential to know about me?

I am very friendly and always in good mood!

You are always more than welcome to contact me:

irc FedoraUser over at freenode (#fedora, #lugons)


So far, I wrote and deleted this wiki page too many times and I decided to make it pretty simple, because I am new to Fedora and I don't have anything yet to say about my contribution.

I will start by listing my goals as a contributor and edit from there, when I've done some of the work :)

Current goals:

- Promote Fedora in Serbia

- Create and maintain Fedora Serbia website, forum, irc

- Strengthen Fedora presence in regional events

- Start local LUG

There may be someone who is alredy doing some of these projects and if so, please make sure to contact me if I don't find you first! :)

I want to provide and recieve as much help as possible. So uniting with people with same goals is a key for me.

Details about what I've done so far regarding goals:

Promote Fedora in Serbia

Serbia is, unfortunately, Windows heavy environment. It is because many of reasons: lack of proper education, strong communities, people involved with FLOSS, government deals with Microsoft, piracy, etc... I can not address all of these issues, but can work on some.

I started promoting Fedora just by using it on every computer that I own and introducing it to my friends and family.