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Fábio Olivé Leite


I have been using Linux and Free Software for about 15 years, having used Slackware, old Red Hat Linux, Debian, Conectiva Linux (worked there for 3 years) and even dropped Linux for OpenBSD for some time. In 2006 I started working for Red Hat, so using Fedora was a natural choice. Regardless of the fact I work for Red Hat, Fedora seems to me to be the best mixture of innovation, stability, user-friendliness and freedom, so I try to advocate Fedora wherever I go.


  • Email:
  • IRC: FabioOlive on #fedora-br, #tchelinux and #xaplivre
  • GPG key: F127519B
  • Fedora Account: fleite (to match Red Hat email/account, but please do use for "community" stuff)

Activities within Fedora

I'm a fairly active/vocal member of the free software user groups I participate, frequently giving out talks in the local TcheLinux events. I'm also starting up a free software users group where I'm currently living, which is the west region of Santa Catarina, Brazil, called XAPlivre. Recently I've presented talks in local universities, so I'll see about becoming a Fedora Ambassador for this region.

I don't have a lot of time to devote to the project, so I'll try to focus on what I can do best, which is helping out users via IRC/email at times, and representing Fedora in local events with talks and perhaps some workshops.