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|REAL-NAME= Kirill (Kirry) Babeyev
|HOME= Russia, Obninsk / Germany, Uberlingen
|image= kir.jpg
|FAS-NAME= Folklorin
||irc-nick= folklorin
|irc-channels=#fedora, #fedora-ambassadors
== Intro ==
Hi, my name is Kirill (Kirry) Babeyev. I am originally from Russia but now I live in Germany. I am 16 now. I live in Uberlingen in the south of Germany and in Russia I live in Obninsk (not far from Moscow). I really like helping everybody, and if you have any problems or just interested at something -- write on email ('''') or Skype (''kirill.babeev'') me, I will be always happy to help you on nearly every topic you want. You can speak to me in 4 languages: Russian, English, German, French. My main principle is being open to people!
== Contribution ==
* '''Raspberry Pi Foundation'''. I helped Raspberry Pi quite a lot. My main work was making Raspberry Pi popular in my region, and I hope that Eben Upton (the co-founder of Raspberry Pi and my friend) is really pleased with the work I've done. I usually hold conferences where I show people why Open Source and especially Raspberry Pi is cool. People really get thrilled with it and (with my help:)) join the Open Source community.
* '''Oracle'''. I am working with Oracle community for a couple of years and I am quite well known among it. I attend lots of Oracle conferences in Russia and Germany so that I have all the information up-to-date. I have a blog ( where I post different stuff about Oracle products and by the way help people with the use of my online forms. My blog has about 70 views a day. Usually when I am joining anew community I start a one more blog to post all I am doing and thinking about the project. Soon I will create the same one for Fedora project.
* '''Fedora'''. I really love Fedora project. It has lots of advantages that other Linuxes just do not have. I am using Fedora for 3 years and I am really happy with it. Now I have decided that I am able to help Fedora project an would like to become a Fedora ambassador, because I guess I have enough skills for doing this job.
* '''Red Hat'''. Red Hat is company that lead me into the IT world. When I was 10, I accidentally found Red Hat's web site and was really thrilled with all what it was doing, then I got interest with IT and decided that this is what I really want to do! I am using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 for Workstations when I need to do some serious work.
* '''Other Linuxes'''. Before coming to Fedora, I have retried lots of Linux distros and made some contribution too. For example, for a year I have been a translator of such famous distros as Ubuntu and Linux Mint. All the work I do is always made according to highest standards.
== Achievements==
* The winner of the all-Russian IT conference with the work "Secure database architechture with Oracle Database Firewall".
* Integrates Raspberry Pi in Salem School. Salem School becomes one of the first schools in Germany to use Raspberry Pi.
== Goals ==
* Making the web an Open Source place.
* Making the web a safer place.
* Promoting Fedora to fulfill the first 2 steps.
* Becoming a Fedora ambassador to make the third step real.
* Helping people with every problem or question they have.
== Plans ==
=== Nearest plans ===
* Becoming Fedora Ambassador.
* <strike> Creating 1 Day @ Fedora blog. </strike>  (Already out at [] In Fedora Blog)
=== Further plans ===
* Achieve the Goals.
* Making Salem School a full Linux school.
* Doing exceptional work as Fedora ambassador.
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